October 22, 2010

October Obsessions Give Away Week 4

Alrighty, the last 3 weeks have seen some of my favorite books sent out to fellow bloggers in the hopes that they love them as much as I do and this week wont be any different.

In the last week of my October Obsessions give away I want to share what was probably my first real look at the more adult style of paranormal books. I have always read classics and YA stuff but J R Ward had me a bit flustered after reading the first of her Black Dagger Brotherhood Series of books.
This week I am giving one lucky person the box set which holds the first 6 books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J R Ward.

The story of Wrath and Beth
The story of Rhage and Mary

The story of Zsadist and Bella
The story of Butch and Marissa

The story of Vishous and Jane
The story of Phury and Cormia

J R Ward does an fantastic job of introducing us to these amazingly strong, fearless, reckless brotherhood vampire males in each of her books. With each book one of the brothers are taken apart piece by piece and then built back up again as they find their bonded mates.
In my opinion these books tread a fine line between between romance, urban fantasy and even erotic fiction. 

Why you should read this series:
There is never a dull moment. The perspective frequently changes. which would normally do my head in, but Ward does it seamlessly and makes it work.
The brothers are totally hot! No, I haven't reverted to my teen self, they really are hot. Each and every one of them!
I have seen people say that J R Ward writes crack... well it's true. I was hooked from the first book and read right through the series up to book 7 in one go.

Reasons not to read:
The only one I can think of is the idea of these uber cool characters all listening to hip-hop and rap music. Maybe Ward was trying to appeal to a young (early 20's) audience, or who knows she could totally be into hard core rap music? Either way, this was the one thing that I didn't like about it.

How many stars would I give these books? 
Good question, I wont lie, I would not give all of them a 5 star rating. I have my favorite (Love Awakened) and I do have one that I was loving until the end of the book (Lover Unbound) but as an overall rating for the series of books I would give them 5/5. The series as a whole is great. I can't recommend it enough.

Give away details:

For commenting on this post you will receive 1 entry
If you put my grab button on your blog you will get 2 additional entries.
So you can get 3 entries in total.

This is open internationally.
I will be ordering the books for the winner, so can only deliver to countries that Bookdepository or Amazon ship to.

So now that is all out of the way please enter away!!

P.S. Remember that if you are seeing this post from my main page the link to comment is at the top under the title of the post.


Anna said...

Amazing giveaway!!!
I'm an old follower (celebridal)
I have your button on my sidebar http://bookstobrightenyourmood.blogspot.com/

Thanks for hosting such an amazing event!

Anna said...

Sorry,i forgot my email address


Red Lorry said...

I love this series, it is one of my all time favorites. And I have revisited the books many times. I own them all and the series guide. It is a fantastic take on a vampire culture.
So whoever gets the books... ENJOY!

AtenRa said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!


Kulsuma said...

Wow! Thanks for the contest!:D


TheHappySoul said...

YAY! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win these!


Kristina Barnes♥ said...

What a lovely giveaway! :D Thanks for hosting this <3


Badass Bookie said...

Thank- you for this fanastic giveaway!!! It's always great to see Aussie bloggers!

+2 Button - http://badassbookie.blogspot.com/


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