October 31, 2010

Light speed reviews

I totally stole this concept from Bella over at the (for now discontinued) blog Obsessed. Her 70 word reviews are a crack up so I am having a go at it myself.
This week I am revisiting old friends and doing 50 word reviews of 3 Gregory Maguire books which I found in a box the other day (not enough shelf space in my house.)

So here we go...

Wicked -
This book is apparently hated by the masses. Everyone loves the musical but I am the only one on the planet who fell in love with the book!
It’s been years since I read it, but I still feel overwhelming compassion towards Elphaba every time I think of this book.

 Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister -
While I didn’t feel as drawn to this story as I did Wicked (I do have a minor obsession with anything Oz) the characters were probably better developed throughout this book. Not a must read, but readable all the same if your inclined to the tale of Cinderella.

Mirror Mirror -
Snow White? Snow White? Where for art thou Snow White? This was particularly hard to read. Characters seemed to lack motivation in their actions and this retelling didn’t keep me interested the way the other two did.You wont find me snuggling with this one in bed any time soon.

Phhhew, that was harder than it looks. Until next time... Happy reading bloggers!



Anonymous said...

Ha ha, loved it. Haven't read any of them, but the first two have always caught my attention for some reason. Maybe the old style covers? Didn't know the musical Wicked was based on the first one, haven't seen it but I want to.

Chazz said...

I was originally drawn to Wicked because I LOVE The Wizard of Oz (will be reviewing another Oz related book this week in fact.) The only other story I love as much is Alice in Wonderland.

I read this book around a decade ago (ripe old age of 18-ish) and I have to say that I seriously don't remember it being gratuitously raunchy but I read a few reviews tonight that said it was pornographic in nature! I know there was sex in it an all but it was nothing to close to porn.
I hadn't bothered to read any reviews of it until I was writing this up. I figured since the musical was popular maybe the book was too. Apparently I was wrong :( At least I enjoyed it.

brandiheather said...

Oh my goodness --- I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Wicked. I thought I would love it because I love Wizard of Oz, but boy was I wrong....I still have it sitting on my shelf, and while I couldn't manage to get myself through it, I feel obligated to give it another try....We will see...

Happy Reading - BrandiHeather

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