August 31, 2011


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  • Publisher: Red Sage Publishing (November 1, 2010)
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Lionel and Crow and Tim, oh my!

Can Dorothea Gale escape the clutches of foreclosure by making a deal to have sex with three handsome men?

Dorothea Gale is a victim of a bad economy. After losing her job, Thea asks Tim Woodman, the man of her dreams and the contractor who built her home, to help her sell it. He leads her to the powerful William Ozarak, a voyeur, who offers her a deal – sexual submission for one month in exchange for two years worth of mortgage payments. Can she barter her body to prove ‘there’s no place like home’? Or will she lose her soul in the process?

Tim Woodman, who is in the middle of a divorce, isn’t looking for entanglements. Yet he can’t help be drawn to the sexy Thea. If he helps her will he lose his heart? Or did he even have one to begin with?

I seem to be reviewing books that you could either love or hate this week. I guess I could make a theme with that, but lets face it I'm just too lazy for that.

I was given this one as a review copy and unfortunately when I went on unexpected hiatus so did my reading and review of this book. So this is way way late of the time frame I wanted to have this one read in.

In this modern world of "Oz" there is no yellow brick road to follow, the flying monkey's are actually a type of cocktail, and the scare crow, tin man and lion are in fact all really hot guys who want to get into Dorothy's pants (not that she wears any most of the time.)
The wizard of Oz is actually a bit of a tyrant contractor who, in his off time, likes to have a small hoard of sex slaves around to keep him entertained. The good thing about this is you don't have Dorothy (or Thea, as she has been named in this version) having to pleasure Oz against her will or anything. Let's face it, that would just be gross and totally unappealing to all readers.

I wont lie, this book really is just like one long erotic novel scene. There isn't a lot of space between the opening of the book and it getting down to business. And business keeps going all through out the novel. I, personally, do not see that as a bad thing. 
I was first attracted to this one because of the idea of it being linked to the Wizard of Oz, then I was won over by it being of an adult nature.
I'm not saying that the whole book is smut, it's not, okay maybe it kind of is. I actually think the development of the characters and the story links to the old classic are just very subtly placed. Due to the nature of much of the book those aspects can be over looked quite easily. Trust me though, they are there. Most of the development comes through in Thea, and when you reflect on who Tim is modeled after you can see when reading that his character also grows.

All in all, I found it to be a good read. I would not recommend it to my mother and I admit to quickly closing stanza if anyone looked like they were going to peer at what I was reading. But I will happily keep it on my iphone for times when I want something naughty to read.

This book is only available digitally as far as I can find. And if you are not sure you want to read it you can at least go and get the sample copy here from the kindle books section of amazon. Give it a try, you might find it to be one of your new guilty pleasures.

3.5 mushrooms


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