August 11, 2010


For my birthday today I just wanted to show off my awesome new peripherals. After months of not being able to use my PC due to lack of screen, RAM and keyboard I am pleased to say that my PC is now in total working order, better and more shiny than ever!

This is my super spiffy keyboard. I still have no idea how to do anything on it. The little screen confuses me. I know I can custom change the colour of the lights illuminating the keys, but I have no idea how. It also has a little scroll thing on the right hand side that even my husband has no idea about. All in all it's a very cool typing tool!

And this is my absolutely huge; you can see it from the MIR space station computer monitor! When you open MS Word it automatically has two pages side by side. I have to sit back a metre just to take in the whole screen. It is the sports car of monitors! I will admit I didn’t realise how big a 27" screen was until my husband took it out of the box. I laughed hysterically when I saw it because it is the size of the TV in our bed room.

Needless to say my dear husband is now insanely jealous and is threatening to use our big screen TV as his new monitor. I would laugh about that but I am certain he will do it :)

Have a good one everyone!


Caz said...

OMG - I WANT THAT KEYBOARD. It's so purdy!

The screen, on the other hand, is false advertising: that's not a PC screen, that's an alien space craft.

Heather said...

You can change the color of the illumination?? Omg that is too neat. What a great birthday! And when was it? Happy (late?) birthday Chel! It looks like you'll get a lot of work done at your new writing station =)

Writing.Geek. said...

That's great, Chazz! I would love to write in a spot like that. That's such a great birthday present! It's also very cool that you can change the color that illuminates the screen. Very cool. Happy Birthday!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

I want that chair! My monitor is big enough and my keyboard is unconfusing { which is good because I have my moments where the simplest things confuse me.} though I do like the idea of the color illumination, don't tell my dad but I have been coloring on ours with colored sharpies. lol. But that chair just screams comfort! My butt wants it.

Happy! Birthday!

Chazz said...

Funny thing about the chair, it's actually not all that comfortable.
It's okay for a little while but it actually hurts your lower back.

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