August 7, 2010

Now totally unproductive

As of Thursday I was back at work for the week. 
My work week was begun with a buffet dinner for 153 accountants whom apparently have a tendency to act like morons when they are not crunching numbers. Don't get me wrong, I know not all accountants are like this, but this particular group was.
I must admit it was amusing to see them all dressed up in weird costumes and the balloons and pinatas were pretty cool. But the novelty wore off pretty quickly once they would order a beer, I would ask which kind (we have 4 on tap and many in the fridge) and they would wave their hand in a sweeping motion towards all four taps. In the end I gave up asking and just gave them whichever cost more.

After that 10 hour shift I then had to open the restaurant for breakfast. Not so much fun after 3.5 hours sleep, but it was bearable I thought... Until the coffee orders began.
Two women tried to order vanilla soy lattes from our chef in the kitchen. I managed to save him by pointing out that the ladies would need to follow me to the bar where we actually have a coffee machine.
I have spent the past two mornings now making espresso coffees of all descriptions for these 150 odd guests. Mostly with no incident, until a lady this morning argued with me that I had lost her order, when in fact she had asked for a latte not a flat white and that's why she hadn't heard her order come up yet, because I had a skinny latte sitting there for her which she would not claim as hers.
Did I mention the guy  who insisted on having a vodka at breakfast but then ordered a decaf skinny latte afterward? Even upper management thought that was strange.

Anyway, I ramble and digress. These are the reasons I have no writing done, no re-reading of my own work or reading of any other work done since Wednesday when I reached my writing goal.

On the upside though, the conference did forget an automatic bubble blower which I have claimed as my own. May the bubble fun begin when I have time off again on Tuesday!


Writing.Geek. said...

Hey Chazz.

I'm sorry about the rough time at work. That guy does sound strange. Maybe he's the 'breakfast for dinner type of person', but for drinks.

Anyways, I'm sure you'll write a lot on Tuesday. I mean, maybe all those days of not writing will 'inspire' you to write even more than you did last Wednesday. You never know.

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