August 26, 2010

Pointless vent

In the hopes of motivating myself to get some writing done, I am going to post my somewhat disjointed pointless vent for the day. At the very least I can say I actually wrote something, at best I might feel a little better about the whole day.

I woke up this morning thinking today would be easier than yesterday... Boy how wrong was I?!
I actually called for an extra staff member to come in for today due to yesterday being a hectic mess (inc a debacle with 100 champers glasses that arrived with only 10 mins before I needed them filled and ready to serve.)

I was supposed to start work at 6:45am, a late start for me. The breakfast planned for our group of 90 was hosted by some Master Chef woman. It was like the Master Chef episodes where they do the master classes for the contestants. My manager had assured me that the woman running it wouldn't need anything, they had a plan drawn up and would make sure I wouldn't need to set anything up when I got in.

6:15am, I arrive to work, still rugged up in my eskimo jacket ready to relax with a coffee before I leisurely start setting up the regular things for the conference rooms, when I am accosted by a short blonde woman with a list of things she needs. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't rude about it, she was just overly perky and enthusiastic for that time of the morning, especially given how bloody freezing cold it was.
The list wasn't too bad, but every time I got everything she needed, she thought up 5 more things to add.

Then the breaky chef comes out to me, the poor guy has caught a nasty cold and has actually managed to make himself vomit from coughing. That was just about the last thing I needed. It's not easy to call in replacements at that time of the morning.

In the end, breakfast went okay. It was very messy, but it was okay and we got our breaky chef replaced for the day.

Reading that back, none of it sounds particularly terrible. I think the thing that really got up my nose today was our head chef. He had his cranky pants on, and boy did we all hear about it.
I suspect it has something to do with us getting our feedback percentages back for the month. Food and Bev were up at 89 and 90% for service which for us is awesome because we have been sitting at the high seventies for a while. But the food and things to do with the kitchen were coming in at 60-something percent. Instead of just copping it on the chin and taking it as a lesson learned, Chef decided to take it out on everyone who didn't deserve it. Including our poor service staff, one of which asked for another vegetarian meal for a guest only to be met with an argument about how Chef only made one because there was only one on the event order.
I was proud to say my fellow staff member took it upon herself to tell him off and even point out all of the readily available food he could throw on a plate with little or no effort. The guest did get some food, after the head chef stormed out of the kitchen and the apprentice was free to make something for him.
I did later ask my manager if there would be any consequences if I kicked Chef in the balls, he said "No one would blame you."

Pointless vent over.


Heather said...

Jeeeezzz! That sounds sound like a huge mess, cranky pants in-DEED. I would have balled him myself. At least that apprentice got some good experience under their belt huh? Upside! =P

Another upside - it's over now! =)

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