August 5, 2010

Productivity central

At the start of this blog I stated a word count of  23,902 for my novel Return of the Queen.
Between Monday and Wednesday I have managed to raise that word count to 35,558.
That's 11,656 words in three days.

I honestly have no idea how I managed it. I also had kids to look after, a house to clean and meals to cook in that time. But it is done and I feel pretty good about it.

My husband has been most understanding at my utter neglect this week. In fact I think he kind of liked it because it gave him an excuse to play EVE Online in a hardcore way (something I normally get annoyed at him for.)

For now I will go, work is calling and I have a child to put down for a nap before she gets too grumpy.


Writing.Geek. said...

Wow! That's amazing, Chazz. Congratulations.

Joe Romel said...

That's so awesome, Chazz. You are in the zone. In fact, I think you created your own zone, then hopped in it and said "This is me, and I'm here now, in the zone."

Pure awesomeness.

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

That is awesome. And I love the name of that title, I can't make up a title worth anything so I just label my works in progress something like "ahhhh" , "3" , "I Don't Know."

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