September 22, 2010


Spartacus to battle onwards 

Having read about Andy Whitfield having battled cancer earlier in the year, I was genuinely happy to see articles saying he was back in training to resume filming in October. 

But it seems he will be going back for treatment after being told he had the all clear. You forget how even the fittest and healthiest of us can be stuck down with such an unpredictable and aggressive illness. If I could I would wish him and his family all the best. Having had a family member battle cancer for 5 years right in front of our eyes I can sympathise with the Whitfield family and what they will all have to endure over the coming months.

Very sad news indeed.


Paperback Writer said...

I know what you mean. I watched my grandma go through it and relapse twice. But she finally has pulled through & has been cancer free for 7 years now.
also of my favorite musicians has been battling it. he shared he experience through:

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