September 14, 2010

Zen according to Chazz


 This picture represents how I feel about the event of the last couple of days (I'm the guy in white by the way.)
Work has been as work normally is... Same shit different day.

I am sure you will all understand if I am totally non-specific in my ramblings here, the internet isn't a smart place to post specifics on work situations.
I guess the perils of working with a greater number of people is that you have more people to try and get along with. I am used to having only two other staff on with me during the days, but nights usually have 5+. I am generally the kind of person who strolls through life picking up friends of all kinds from all different backgrounds etc. I tend to work well with others, I don't snatch toys, pull hair, kick shins or name call. But this one girl makes me want to do all of these things and more. 

She said this, he said that, why don't they like me? I want more hours, I'm working too much, why does he get more shifts than me? I didn't know that because I haven't been trained, she isn't nice to me, why are you telling me off? I didn't do it he did, you can't send me home yet, I'm too tired.

Did that paragraph give you a headache? Now you feel my pain. The point of my post (your right, there is no real point, just pretend there is though) is that I finally feel like I have conquered the one co-worker who has made my life insanely difficult since starting to do night shifts at work. Last night was painless, and whinge free. The aforementioned co-worker didn't follow me around like a bad smell, and all was well in the world.

Now, if I can just get this feeling of wellness and calm to surround me in my writing practices I would be one happy camper. I am going to endeavour to finish polishing up chapters 1-10 in the next 3 days. I know 1-5 are pretty clean, so it wont be as big of a task as it seems. I just need to get back into writing every day, I have let life take over lately and my novel is suffering for it. 

This week is all about finding balance I have decided. Reduce stress, get more done and stop focusing on the irritations of life. My husband and I quit smoking cold turkey last week. So now that all the angries are out from that few days of withdrawal we are going to have a good week.

All the best, and don't forget to check out Tuesday Tag-Along. You might be surprised to find some cool blogs on there.

Tuesday Tag-Along


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Mommy Kerin said...

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Smash Bravo Team said...

Well, I definitely am glad I don't work for you, especially if you plan on showing up with an ax. ;) And yeah, that paragraph gave me a headache, you should just fire her, I would. Sorry about the bad couple of days you've had. Hope it gets better!

Feel free to drop by our blog anytime, we would love to have you! :)

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