September 22, 2010

October Obsessions Sneak Peek

In keeping in line with my Motivational Monday post I have been working on my October giveaway.

Each week I will give away a prize consisting of books I absolutely love. Some are the adult paranormal genre and there are a couple that are YA but I still enjoyed enough to want to share with someone who hasn't read them.

Week 1
Succubus Blues
By Richelle Mead

Week 2

 By Richelle Mead

 (No the giveaway wont be a Richelle Mead love fest, but I do adore these books. I only ever see the Vampire Academy series get reviewed so I am doing my bit to spread the word about the  other series.)

Week 3

By Claudia Grey

Week 4
Just to be cheeky I am not going to tell you!
Just know that it will be big!

Now the fine details will be as follows:

* This contest is open to international contestants. If delivers to you then you are eligible to enter.

* You may have more than one entry into this competition. The way you do this is by accumulating points.
Leave a comment = 1 point
New Follower = 1 point
Old Follower = 2 points
Follow on Networked Blogs = 1 point
Like on Facebook = 1 point
Blog post with button = 5 points
Button on side bar = 3 points
So you can have up to 13 entries per giveaway.

* If you want to enter more than one draw you will need to make a fresh entry comment for that week. Entries wont carry over to the next week.

* The winner will be announced each Friday when the new week's giveaway is announced. If the winner doesn't contact me within 3 days of being announced I will draw the prize again.

* Keep in mind I am in Australia. So the posts will all be done according to my timezone (+10GMT) So if you see the posts on a Thursday please don't think I have lost my mind :)

Last but not least, this giveaway will open on OCTOBER 1ST as soon as I get my lazy butt out of bed! So please don't try to put any entries in this post. I will make an official post for the first giveaway where you can enter at that time.


Paperback Writer said...

Very Cool, I am very excited!

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